Emerging Leaders’ Dialogues Canada and McGill University’s Institute for the Study of International Development, is offering this innovative program which promotes relationship building and reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities through leadership collaboration and development. The program themes are Ethics and Good Governance; Inclusiveness, Diversity and Community Engagement; Collaborative Leadership and, Sustainability.

Over 6 days, this program will bring together 40 Canadian emerging leaders for three days of classroom work and three days of study tours to Duncan, Nanaimo and Victoria, on Vancouver Island.

The classroom component, delivered by the Institute for the Study of International Development, Vancouver Island University and the Nanwakolas Council, will be divided into 6 modules which will be examined from an indigenous/non-indigenous perspective and from the implications for future leaders with the participants.

The six modules are:

  • Introduction and Leadership Experiences
  • The Importance of Voice and Participation
  • Creating Opportunities
  • Social and Public Programs to Promote Leadership
  • Leadership and Identity-Creation
  • Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Perspectives on the Environment

Participants will be divided into smaller study tour groups and will then spend three days visiting business enterprises, labour unions, government departments as well as civil society organizations in both Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities. These will be on-site visits to organizations and communities where they will have the opportunity to discuss challenges and strategies with leaders from band councils, business, labour unions, government departments as well as civil society organizations. Interacting with such a diverse mix of organizations will expose them to a range of issues from multiple perspectives, and will provide an opportunity to look beyond the scope of their regular context in their own organization and locale. The insights gained from these meetings will promote understanding, connection and inform the project work of the groups.

During the program you will:

  • Benefit from the delivery of six modules on the themes of leadership, community development, regional economic development, economic opportunities and indigenous and non-indigenous perspectives on the environment;
  • Work in a small group of ten people to develop a paper on what was learned, and how this will impact your leadership.
  • Create a network of leaders within business, government, labour and civil society.
  • Will share the highlights and best practices learned with colleagues, peers, and organisation.
  • Obtain a certificate of completion.
  • Become a part of the global Emerging Leaders’ Dialogues alumni.

Supporting Emerging Leaders For Sustainable Community Development

Your opportunity to make a difference – an investment in the future of Canadian and global leadership.